Choosing EndoButtons™ for a Two Tunnel Graft

Graft Configuration

When using two femoral tunnels, there are several graft configurations that can be used depending on the length of the harvested graft.

If the harvested semitendinosus tendon (ST) is >29cm than use a 4ST graft. Use 2 ST in the AM tunnel and 2ST in the PL tunnel.

If the semitendinosus tendon is <30cm, then harvest the gracilis (Gr) tendon as well. Use a 3ST2Gr graft with 2ST in the AM tunnel and 1ST2Gr in the PL tunnel.

AM Tunnel Fixation

Always use an EndoButton™ CL. An ExtendoButton can be used if necessary.

PL Tunnel Fixation

When using a 1ST2Gr graft in the PL tunnel, use EndoButton™ Direct.

When using a 2ST graft in the PL tunnel, use an EndoButton™ CL with ExtendoButton™

Note - When using a 2ST graft, if the length of the lateral femoral chondyle tunnel is less than 25mm, then consider using an EndoButton™ Direct instead.


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