Reconstruction Techniques

Dr Prodromos usually uses a hamstring 4 strand autograft in a single tunnel. He uses an EndoButton™ for the femoral fixation and a low profile cortical screw on the tibial end. In patients that have a high risk of instability, Dr Prodromos may use a 5 or 6 strand autograft. In the case of a revision where the hamstring had been used previously, the contralateral hamstring is used. For a discussion of why we use these grafts and fixation techniques, please see the graft choice and fixation methods sections. There are also videos of the fixation techniques in the fixation method section.

Tibial Tunnel

The tibial tunnel section discusses drilling of an ovalized tibial tunnel. Includes a video of the technique.

Femoral Single Tunnel

The femoral single tunnel page includes a video of the creation of a single bundle ovalized tunnel that mimics the anatomic shape of the native ACL.

Femoral Double Tunnel

The femoral double tunnel page includes a video that details how to drill and insert a graft into a double femoral tunnel.

Five and Six Strand Hamstring Grafts

This page discusses the use of larger strand grafts and includes a video of a healthy 6 strand graft.

HTO with ACL Reconstruction

The HTO with ACLR page explores the use of HTO in conjunction with ACL and includes a video of the technique.




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