Ovalized Tibial Tunnel Video

The video below briefly shows the construction of an ovalized tibial tunnel.

The tibial guide is used to position the guide pin in the posterior half of the anatomic attachment of the ACL. The guide pin is then overdrilled by the undersized reamer. The reamer is toggled anteriorly to accurately reproduce the anatomic footprint of the native anterior cruciate ligament.

A round tunnel created by a 9mm drill has an area of about 63 mm. To create an ovalized tunnel of the same diameter, drop to an 8mm drill bit and then toggle back and forth to create an oval about 10mm in length.

Because of the oval shape of the resulting tunnel, cortical fixation is recommended. Interference screws are not designed to fit this shape and may not work well.

This type of tibial tunnel is used by Dr Prodromos in all of his ACL reconstructions.

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